home 08-update

(by Kyler)

A lot has happened since my February updates and I have not been keeping up. I decided to try this "diary" area as a place to put the story of Dad. I wish I had started this a long time ago. When I get a good Internet connection for Dad, I'll try to get him to update it.

Dad started chemotherapy on March 5. He doesn't mind sitting in a comfy chair for four hours while reading. He says that he doesn't feel any different as a result.

On March 6 an Omaya valve/reservoir/shunt was placed in/on Dad's skull. This will allow chemicals to be quickly introduced into his spinal space.

He stayed at Methodist/Clarian Hospital overnight after the surgery. This time we told the anesthesiologist(?) that he reacted poorly after the biopsy. She added some drugs that apparently did the trick. Dad hadn't eaten since the night before, but he was raring to go after the surgery.

Yesterday, I thought it would be around 4:00 ("23 hours after surgery") before I could pick up Dad, but the hospital called in the morning and wanted to get rid of him. (Probably because he's so damn cavalier about flashing everyone when he's in his hospital gown.)

I immediately started down there, but I called Dave Shumaker to go too. (Thank you, Dave!) When I arrived, they were waiting outside and getting pushed away by the traffic thug. (We had further encounters as I tried to get the medication which had been left in Dad's room.)

Dr. Ahler will remove the staples around the Omaya valve on Tuesday. I don't think I've mentioned that Dad is now going to Dr. Ahler. He had been a patient of Dr. O'brien. Dr. Sheets took over for him, and he and his staff were very kind and efficient with us, but Dad felt more comfortable going through this with an old friend. (I miss the quick walk-in/call-in service at Dr. Sheets' office, though.)

I just received a call from Dr. Payner's office. From "a neurosurgical point of view" Dad can go back on Coumadin. I need to check with Dr. Workman about possible problem interactions with the Omaya valve chemotherapy, though. I'm waiting for a return call from him.

Yesterday after we went home we ran some errands. We're looking at lower, smaller, safer tractors with front loaders, backhoes and mowers. We use several International 560 tractors which are older than I am. They've done well, but we've avoided rolling them over for long enough. We priced roll bars (Ouch!) and decided to look for a new tractor. (I also want a big self-guided tracked tractor.)

At home, I tried starting some of the small engines. Success all around (after using battery chargers and starting fluid from Cam's stash)!

The ATV needed to be run (ha!) so I took off for awhile to enjoy the beautiful weather. (Kitty noticed that the fields...and my clothes are still muddy in a few spots.) I checked on some tile that Dad had worked on earlier. It drains into a ditch he spent a lot of time digging with the backhoe. Both sections of tile were really flowing, so I called Dad and we ended up walking back to see it.