home 02-21_update

Dad has returned to his "normal" routine. He has been doing his radio show each morning and I played volleyball with him on Sunday. (He had to miss volleyball yesterday.) I had been taking him to the radio station, but co-worker and friend Bob Burt has taken over, picking him on his way to the station. Thank you, Bob! (Kitty has enough difficulty dealing with me getting up at 7:30.)

Yesterday afternoon we met Dr. Workman in Indy. He is a hematologist/encologist. The highlights from my notes:

The anemia is a concern because it could indicate that the cancer has spread to other parts of Dad's body. To find out if it has, a bone marrow sample and CT scan were recommended.

The bone marrow sample was taken immediately in Dr. Workman's office. Although it sounds awful, it's really much worse to watch. If someone used tools on my airplane like that, I'd think about getting a new mechanic.

Dad received 3mg of Atavin(?). He was about to fall asleep on the way to Indy, but that really did him in. He was wheeled to the car and barely able to get in. He slept all of the way home. I was lucky to get him in the house without much damage. (I'm not sure when he got that new scar on his forehead.) He ate just a bite and then went to bed. I felt horrible, but I woke him up before I left to give him more medicine.

He didn't know that I scheduled him for the CT scan in the morning, so I left messages for him not to eat or drink, and called him at 4:00 this morning. He told me that he decided not to go to work because he felt bad. (Bob had been there 15 minutes before I called.) This surprised me, so I drove up early.

He got up once or twice while I read, but was obviously still feeling the effects of yesterday's procedure. Around 7:00 we headed in to pick up tax returns and then went to the hospital.

Dad was asleep when we got to the hospital and we were early, so I let him sleep until 8:00. We checked in and requested a blood test so that he wouldn't need to go in for it later. After the blood test, we found that he needed to drink a bunch of barium and wait an hour. We got to see good friends and despite the recarpeting, Dad got some sleep.

We're back at the farm now. Dad slept on the way home and passed out on the couch while I took a business call, but he's up now and making carrot juice.