bad travel experiences

Traveling by plane and with the dogs we are fortunate to meet a lot of wonderful people. It's very rare that we encounter someone unpleasant but I tend to dwell on those experiences sometimes. Instead of bottling those experiences, I decided to start flushing them here.

2004-08-02 7:15PM local, Gullifty's, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

We arrived early for the Happy Hour gathering before the Pyro robotics workshop. After checking in with the hostess and grabbing a menu we took our dogs for a walk around the block. One of the Gullifty's employees stalked us through the mostly-empty parking lot and waited for me to get ahead with one of our dogs before rudely confronting my wife about parking. By the time I noticed what happened and returned to them they were making small talk about the conference and that this guy was also from Indiana (Terre Haute). I didn't realize until after we walked away that he had been so obnoxious to my wife.

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