Around 1991 I noticed that lots of Usenet postings were of the form "Anyone know of a rescue group for ...?" I decided that someone should maintain a list that everyone could consult instead of relying on the group's memory. It was suggested that I use a new resource, the World Wide Web. I did. I was graduating from Computer Science at the time and the Web became a fascination and then a job. My list of rescue resources was often a testing grounds for new tools.

As the Web moved from individually-maintained "hotlists" and huge numbers of rescue groups came online with constantly-changing URLs, maintenance of the list became overwhelming. I tried to hire students to maintain it a couple of times but did not succeed. The list became embarrassingly outdated yet was still in use.

I've decided that other systems such as Petfinder and the Humane America Animal Foundation shelter search serve the rescue community better than my simple lists. I have turned my rescue attention toward more direct involvement with rescue groups, transporting and fostering dogs for several. In 2007 I started my own rescue group, Laird Therapy Dog Rescue to combine my passions of dog rescue and therapy dog work.