Jarreau is a Giant Schnauzer/Standard Poodle hybrid. He has a black wavy coat of hair with a touch of white on his chin and a white blaze on his chest.

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After Gable was diagnosed with cancer I started looking in earnest for a similar dog. When it became obvious that the PWDCA rescue would not help us I looked at other breeds. Almost immediately I found Wagner, a Giant Schnauzer/Standard Poodle, listed at Animal Rescue Foundation of Tulsa, OK.

Wagner was part of a group of 90 puppies and dogs that was relinquished to rescue when the local three dog limit was enforced against their breeder. He was only a puppy but he looked remarkably like Gable. I casually let Kitty see his photo and she was hooked. I immediately inquired about him. He sounded wonderful so we quickly paid his adoption fee even though we'd have to wait for him to be neutered before adopting him.

While we waited we discovered that his brother, Astro, had similar markings (less white on chest but some on chin) and was very social - almost "needy." He sounded like just what I wanted for therapy work so we decided to adopt him instead. (Astro's siblings found great homes - otherwise we would have taken them!) Grazie and I flew to Tulsa to retrieve 13 week old, 25 pound Astro on June 16. Grazie was not thrilled to have a puppy in her face but she did a great job of tending him.

Once home "Astro" morphed into "Jarreau" and he quickly became an integral part of our family. He is learning to give Gable and Grazie their space but Morgan is now his buddy and they love to play. It's different to have a puppy in the house again after so many years of adult dogs but Jarreau is worth it. He's not only adorable and cuddly but he's not afraid of anything - people, sounds, situations - he takes them all in stride. It was amazing to stand in the back yard with him and Morgan as we watched fireworks from Purdue and next door; it didn't even faze him.

At one year of age Jarreau passed his Delta Society Pet Partners evaluation with both Kitty and Kyler. He participates in reading programs and school visits and also helps introduce the rescue dogs to visiting the residents of University Place.

owned by: kyler

URL: http://lairds.org/Kyler/family/Jarreau/

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