home rescue animals I've transported

2007-07-28 Rodeo

Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

Rodeo was dropped off (in the middle of the night) at the shelter in North Vernon. I retrieved him and left him at Blair Animal Clinic for vetting.

2007-02-07 - 2007-03- Wolf/Jasper

Illinois Alaskan Malamute Rescue Association

Wolf was found as a stray by the Jasper County Animal Shelter. They called me about him the day before we were expecting our first big snow and Kitty was in Florida for a week. I could hardly resist getting another dog then! I usually don't have much patience for intact males but he was wonderful! We went sledding every day we had good snow and he got along great with our dogs.

2006-10-03 Lass/Kylie(?)

Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

I got involved with Lass while housing Hope, another GLBCR dog. I noticed Lass at Jasper County and thought it would be easy to take her to Michigan along with Hope. Instead I took Lass to Michigan while Hope was routed to Chicago.

2006-09-27 Hope

Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue

I saw that GLBCR needed help getting Hope from the Huntington, IN before her 5:00 termination. I thought that I could enlist the help of NLSDR's Erryn, who'd pulled Bowie, Colton and Bobby, from the same shelter. It was a terribly busy time for me so I didn't offer to fly over there but I did mention that I could hold Hope overnight.

Well...GLBCR took me up on the offer of temporary housing and I was so busy that it extended to a whole week. Hope was a little nuts in her crate the first night but once she joined our family she was a delight. Even though we only had her for a short time she made a big impression on me. She's a wonderful dog.

On October 3 our friend Shawna took Hope to Chicago on the way to a foster home in Riverwoods.

2006-08-14 Mars/Baltar

Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue

I noticed Mars listed by the Jasper County Animal Shelter and quickly contacted NLSDR about him. We had no space for him and he was heartworm positive. I gave up on him but then we got a sponsor for his treatment and someone in Anderson, IN agreed to take him if he could get along with female dogs. I tested him with Grazie and then took him to West Lafayette for vaccinations and boarding. He was transported to Anderson by another NLSDR volunteer.

2006-08-05 Dakota/Jupiter

Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue

I noticed Dakota listed by the Jasper County Animal Shelter and quickly contacted NLSDR about him. Space was tight but a new Malamute foster home was an option if he was good with other dogs. I quickly flew up to Rensselaer with Grazie and Morgan to test him.

We met Dakota inside and he immediately grabbed Morgan by the neck, starting quite a spat. Then he marked some furniture in the lobby. Not a great start. We placed some water and as he drank Grazie nosed in to get some too. Another spat.

Outside he was o.k. until Morgan got close to him again. Another round of growling and snapping with me in the middle. I sat on Dakota and kicked Morgan back. Both dogs were very calm about the situation and neither touched me. This was a good dog. I arranged to have him neutered and a week later Andy, Grazie and I flew him to his foster home in Brazil where he will live with other Mals.

2005-06-25 ten puppies!

K-9 Lifeline Rescue

The French family helped exercise and pack these pups in Lafayette and then Kitty kept them under control to Merrillville.

2005-06-04 Sarge/Einstein/Bob/Bobby (Siberian Husky)

Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue

Andy and a friend flew with me over to Huntington to pick up "Sarge" from Erryn. The dog was demilitarized while staying with some friends. We fostered Bobby for ten months until we found a home I liked in Cinncinati. He's a great high-energy dog who loves to run and pull. I enjoyed him immensely.

2005-04-23 Captain, Benjamin, Sparkle, Fred, Ethyl, lab puppies

New Castle Shelter

Andy and I drove this gang to Merrillville.

2005-04-09 Colton and Tyler/Bowie (Siberian Huskies)

Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue

This was an urgent situation that we were able to handle thanks to others transporting Carmen and Lexi on the same day. Erryn pulled the boys from a shelter in Huntington, kenneled a couple days, and then met Andy and me at the Warsaw airport. On the following Monday we drove Colton to his foster family in Indianapolis. We fostered Bowie until he found a permanent home with our friends.

2005-04-09 Carmen (Dalmatian)

Greater Ohio Dalmatian Rescue

I cat tested then pulled this sweetie from TCHS and she stayed with us for a couple days. She now has a permanent home in Tennessee as "Sadie".

2005-04-09 Lexi (Siberian Husky)

Adopt A Husky, Inc.

I cat tested Lexi at TCHS a couple of times. She did well there and we had Carmen staying with us so I just took her directly to her transport headed to Gurnee, IL.