Open solutions propaganda

CIO: Your Open Source Plan
Good intro for admins.
consolidation on Linux at Golden Gate University
OpenScience Project
The 'Open-Source Movement' Turns Its Eye to Science
Open source in the lab
Beginning Python for Bioinformatics
This could be a useful tool for introducing a non-programmer to the joys of Python.
MIT OpenCourseWare kickoff
"We're fighting commercialization of knowledge, much in the same way that open-source people are fighting commercialization of software."
The Case for Linux in Universities
Why Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)? Look at the Numbers!
Does Publicly Funded Research Have to Result in Open Source Code?
World Bank's InfoDev presentation
Linux in Higher Education: Open Source, Open Minds, Social Justice
It's a moral imperative that we shun proprietary software at the university level.
Risky Business: Tangling with the Business Software Alliance can mean big problems
One legal risk of using proprietary/closed/licensed software.
Public money, private code
The Kept University
Many scientists won't share research data, study finds
Intellectual Property and Courseware
MIT Open Knowledge Initiative
NCSU Office of the Provost, Compact Plan, Advance Open Source Academic Computing Environment
StarOffice Goes to School
cites San Jose State University and Michigan Technological University
The Quality of Linux: A Good Business Decision.
RedHat University Program members
Constructing a Windows-Less Office
The Case for Open File Formats
Why store your intellectual property inside proprietary formats?

Microsoft usage in universities

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