Panasonic Toughbook 71

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(Reference) BIOS update for EY model 2004-05-28 15:26:20 EST Fixes port replicator problem with power on with display closed. NT 4.0 PCMCIA undocking problem.
(ZWiki Page) install 2005-05-02 14:04:26 EST
(Reference) large capacity battery 2004-05-28 15:26:20 EST
(Reference) Linux on Laptops, Panasonic 2004-05-28 15:26:20 EST
(Reference) Linux PHdisk 2004-05-28 15:26:20 EST lphdisk is a Linux utility to format hibernation partitions for use with the APM Suspend-To-Disk features on laptops with Phoenix NoteBIOS. While one does not need this utility to use this notebook feature, if the memory size ever changes, disk gets upgraded/repartitioned, the hibernation partition may need to be recreated. Until now, this could only be accomplished by booting off of a DOS floppy and using a buggy utility called PHDISK.EXE provided either straight from Phoenix Technologies or the hardware manufacturer/distributor.
(ZWiki Page) notes 2007-02-08 09:19:10 EST
(Reference) Open Directory CF-71 resources 2004-05-28 15:26:20 EST
(Reference) Open Sound System for Linux 2004-05-28 15:26:20 EST OSS/Linux is a commercial implementation of the Linux sound drivers that are packaged with the Linux kernel. OSS/Linux is 100% compatible with the "freeware" drivers (now known as OSS/Free).
(Reference) operating instructions (EY model) 2004-05-28 15:26:20 EST
(HTML Document) Panasonic downloads form 2004-05-28 15:26:20 EST CF-P1/01 CF-07 CF-17/34 CF-25 CF-27 CF-28 CF-35 CF-37 CF-41 CF-45 CF-47 CF-48 CF-55 CF-61 CF-62 CF-63 CF-71 CF-72 CF-M31 CF-M32 CF-M33 PDRC Windows 2000 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows NT 4 Windows 3.1/
(Reference) reference manual (EY model) 2004-05-28 15:26:20 EST
(Reference) XFree86 4.2.0 NeoMagic driver 2004-05-28 15:26:20 EST This driver supports X-Video. That means *very* watchable MPEG-2 video (using Xine).

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